New Players Welcome

For those interested in playing Youth Darts our member Counties will be pleased to hear from you. There are contact details available for all Counties on our Contacts Page.

Please be advised that, due to exceptional circumstances, West Midlands are regrettably unable to fulfil their outstanding fixtures in the Southern Youth Darts Division 3.  West Midlands have now decided after much deliberation to withdraw from the League. We appreciate that this hasn't been an easy decision for them to come to and we wish the players and officials all the best and hope that they will be in a position to one day re-join us.

We will, as per the rules, withdraw all points for all West Midlands games (please see Page 12 of the rules available on the website).

Revised tables are being compiled as we speak for Division 3 and will be released today.

This will not affect players who may be looking at winning 100% of their games as this will take this back to it being 8 out of 8.