New Players Welcome

For those interested in playing Youth Darts our member Counties will be pleased to hear from you. There are contact details available for all Counties on our Contacts Page.

The Mixed Triples finals were played off between each team qualifying from the 4 regional play-offs held earlier in the season.


Mixed Triples Drawsheet


Jack Vincent/Samantha Stock/Chris Gower (Essex) 3-2 Joshus Burksfield/Rachel Moore/Owen Cuthbert (Middlesex) - Scorecard

Cavan Phillips/Sam Bowen/Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan) 3-2 Josh McCarthy/Lauren Iles/Mitchell McCarthy (Wiltshire) - Scorecard


Jack Vincent/Samantha Stock/Chris Gower (Essex) 0-3 Cavan Phillips/Sam Bowen/Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan) - Scorecard

Champions - Cavan Phillips/Sam Bowen/Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan)