New Players Welcome

For those interested in playing Youth Darts our member Counties will be pleased to hear from you. There are contact details available for all Counties on our Contacts Page.

This competition was played on Sunday 13th August at Lakeside. The drawsheets show the complete tournament.

U18 Drawsheet

U18 Semi-Finals

Adam Howard (Essex) 0-3 Tavis Dudeney (Sussex) - Scorecard

Jack Seymour (Hampshire) 3-0 Dan Perry (Sussex) - Scorecard

U18 Final

Tavis Dudeney (Sussex) 1-3 Jack Seymour (Hampshire) - Scorecard

Girls Drawsheet

Girls Semi-Finals

Millie Hooper (Bristol) 3-2 Lynette Chaffe (Cornwall) - Scorecard

Shannon Reeves (Bristol) 2-3 Becky King (Sussex) - Scorecard

Girls Final

Millie Hooper (Bristol) 0-3 Becky King (Sussex) - Scorecard

U21 Drawsheet

U21 Semi-Finals

Daniel Kirton (Oxfordshire) 0-3 Christopher Holt (London) - Scorecard

Will Blackwell (London) 0-3 Jack Fuller (Kent) - Scorecard

U21 Final

Christopher Holt (London) 2-3 Jack Fuller (Kent) - Scorecard


U18 - Jack Seymour (Hampshire)

Girls - Becky King (Sussex)

U21 - Jack Fuller (Kent)