New Players Welcome

For those interested in playing Youth Darts our member Counties will be pleased to hear from you. There are contact details available for all Counties on our Contacts Page.

We are delighted to announce that those of our players that achieved 100% playing records and are able to attend, are now confirmed entrants for the Winmau World Masters 2017. The BDO published updated Alphabetic Lists of Entrants (alpha lists) today that can be viewed using the links below. We have just 3 players that have indicated their inability to take up their place so will be represented by the remaining 12 qualifiers.


Winmau World Masters - Men - Alphabetic List of Entrants

Winmau World Masters  - Women - Alphabetic List of Entrants

Winmau World Masters - Boys - Alphabetic List of Entrants

Winmau World Masters - Girls - Alphabetic List of Entrants


Our qualifiers/entrants in each age/gender category follow:

Boys: Owen Bates * (Devon), Jimmy Bristow (Bristol), Alex Gurr (Sussex), Jakob Kelly (Essex), Dan Perry (Sussex), Tyler Radlett (Surrey), Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan) and Jack Vincent (Essex).

Ladies: Bonnii Bentley * (Hampshire), Nicolle Bidgway * (Buckinghamshire) and Becky King (Sussex).

Men: Joshua Burksfield (Middlesex), Cavan Phillips (Glamorgan).

* Indicates player unable to take up their place.

In addition to those above, the winners of the Southern Youth Singles Championships, held recently at Lakeside, also qualify. Becky King, Ladies Champion, is already qualified by virtue of her 100% playing record. Jack Seymour (Hampshire) and Jack Fuller (Kent) are the U18 and U21 Champions respectively and have gained qualification.

Our congratulations go to all our direct qualifiers and also to those Southern Youth players that qualified for a place in the Winmau through competing in various qualifying events and by representing their Country at International level. We are not in a position to name all of them but some have been brought to our attention, namely Laura Shepherd (Cornwall), Jessica Bonner (Glamorgan), Ellie Larsson-Brown (London, previously Essex), Dylan Everson (Glamorgan), Mitchell McCarthy (Wiltshire), Darren Whelton (Glamorgan) and Lewis Williams (Glamorgan). Our very best wishes go to all of our players travelling to compete at the Bridlington Spa. 

The Winmau World Championships are taking place at the Bridlington Spa from Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th September 2017. The floor stages are on Monday with the stage-finals starting on the Tuesday. Youth final is on Tuesday and Seniors final is Wednesday. See additional info, below, from the BDO.

Those players playing in the Winmau as Seniors also qualify for the Lakeside World Pro play-off and can be seen in the appropriate Alpha List.

For those that will be under 18 on Thursday 11th January 2018, the BDO World Youth Championship Play-off is on Thursday 28th January at the same venue.


Information from BDO

​Winmau 44th World Masters Darts Championships (World Finals) ​Men’s Masters + Women’s Masters + World Boys & Girls Masters At: ​ The Spa, South Marine Drive, Bridlington, England, YO15 3JH

On: ​Monday 25th September 2017 ​8.30 am ​​Doors Open for Registration; 10.00 am ​​Multi-Board System -Toe-the-Oche (Men’s + Women’s + Youth Boys/Girls)

And:​Tuesday 26th September 2017 10.00 am ​​Doors Open;​ ​11.00 am ​​Stage Matches – World Youth Boy’s/Girl’s Finals; 12.00 noon; ​​Men’s last 16

And: ​Wednesday 27th September 2017 10.00am​​ Doors Open; 11.00am​​ BDDA Final; 12.00 noon ​​Stage Women’s Semi-Final, Final & Men's Q/Final, Semi-Final, Final; 19.00hrs Approx​Conclude.

BDO Reserve the right to change the schedule.