New Players Welcome

For those interested in playing Youth Darts our member Counties will be pleased to hear from you. There are contact details available for all Counties on our Contacts Page.

The end of season finals will be held on Saturday 6th July 2019 at the Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex.

Champion of Champions


Sussex (14) 4-3 (9) Devon

Devon (9) 2-5 (16) Berkshire

Berkshire (14) 3-4 (13) Sussex

Champion of Champions: Sussex


London (5) 1-2 (6) Devon

Devon (8) 2-1 (4) Berkshire

Berkshire (6) 2-1 (5) London

Champion of Champions: Devon


Essex (11) 2-3 (13) Gwent

Gwent (11) 3-2 (9) Surrey

Surrey (13) 4-1 (8) Essex

Champion of Champions: Gwent



U18's - Drawsheet

Winner: Tavis Dudeney (Sussex)

Runner-up: Connor Hopkins (Gwent)

LSF's: Liam Butler (Glamorgan) & Ieuan Halsall (Gwent)

Girls - Drawsheet

Winner: Ella Williams (Berkshire)

Runner-up: Leah Nelson (Middlesex)

LSF's: Lynette Chaffe (Cornwall) & Megan Vodden (Gwent)

U21's - Drawsheet

Winner: Paul Reid (Kent)

Runner-up: Jake Carter (Surrey)

LSF's: Jack Brazil (Surrey) & Harry Jackson (Sussex)



U18's - Drawsheet

Winner: Dudeney/Perry (Sussex)

Runner-up: Self/Willoughby (Berkshire)

LSF's: Smoldon/Haymes (Glamorgan) & Hollyhock/Robbie (London)

Girls - Drawsheet

Winner: Chaffe/Hancock (Cornwall)

Runner-up: Turner/Cooke (Sussex)

LSF's: Milburn/Williams (Berkshire) & Nelson/Lehane (Middlesex)

U21's - Drawsheet

Winner: Peek/Stout (Devon)

Runner-up: Kelly/Gower (Essex)

LSF's: Kerry/Cradock (Oxfordshire) & Jackson/Levett (Sussex)


Mixed Triples - Drawsheet

Winner: Perry/Lovegrove/Levett (Sussex)

Runner-up: Hopkins/Bonner/McLeod (Gwent)

LSF's: Kerry/Walker/Cradock (Oxfordshire) & Stone/Cuthbert/Nelson (Middlesex)