Website 2017

Release 1.2

A further update to Release 1 has been made - change list:

(1) Committee menu item renamed to Contacts.

(2) Contacts page now lists the Committee and County Contacts. The Committee are listed together at the top of the page followed by County Contacts ordered alphabetically by County.

(3) Under the Counties menu, each Section now has a Contacts page ordered alphabetically by County.


Release 1.1

(1) Minor changes that should simplify site navigation, particularly on small devices.

(2) Addition of Downloads page, currently providing the Fixture List and Rules.

Tables: there are pages for each of the 3 sections where Fixture Results, Overall League Tables, Under 18's, Girls and Under 21's tables and unplayed Fixtures are all to be found.

Averages: there are separate pages for Overall Averages and Averages for each Section. Each of the 4 Averages pages display U18, Girls and U21 averages.

Counties: there is a page for each county, grouped by sections. Each County Page lists details for the County Venue, Manager and where provided, additional Contacts.

Downloads: fixture list and rules are available from this page.

Committee: this page lists contact details for the Committee.


Coming in Release 2

Counties: pages will be expanded for each County where information specific to that County will be located. This will include Players' Averages for each of that Counties' Teams. These pages may be developed further if there is demand for additional information to be provided.

Would all Counties please check that their players are listed correctly in the Averages. I was recently made aware of 2 players that had multiple entries and to the best of my knowledge, these have been corrected.

Errors should be notified to me at the email address provided to you.

David Ballantine