New Players Welcome

For those interested in playing Youth Darts our member Counties will be pleased to hear from you. There are contact details available for all Counties on our Contacts Page.

We are excited to announce that following a Southern-Inter County Committee meeting yesterday we are currently making plans for the 2021-22 season to start in September 2021 (Government restrictions permitting).
If there are any Youth County teams that would like to join our Organisation please contact our Secretary, Sindy Stiles, for more information. You can find contacy details for Sindy on our Contacts Page.
Our proposed fixture dates are:
26th September 2021 24th October 2021, 21st November 2021, 19th December 2021, 23rd January 2022, 20th February 2022, 13th March 2022, 3rd April 2022, 1st May 2022 and 22nd May 2022.
We propose to hold the annual "Competitions and presentation - Singles, Pairs, Triples etc." on 2nd July 2022.

Due to recent announcements the decision has been taken to cancel all Southern Youth County darts fixtures with immediate effect until further notice.
This is inline with the BDO decision to suspend all BICC and Superleague fixtures and competitions. 
Communications regarding the competitions at Circus Tavern will be made once we know the status of affairs in the next month or so. Please wait for communications to come out rather than inundate Martin with questions.

The 2019-2020 season is now underway with Bristol v Surrey having been brought forward by 1 week. Section 1 Tables/Averages have been updated.

Best wishes to all for the new season.

The end of season finals will be held on Saturday 6th July 2019 at the Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex.

Champion of Champions


Sussex (14) 4-3 (9) Devon

Devon (9) 2-5 (16) Berkshire

Berkshire (14) 3-4 (13) Sussex

Champion of Champions: Sussex


London (5) 1-2 (6) Devon

Devon (8) 2-1 (4) Berkshire

Berkshire (6) 2-1 (5) London

Champion of Champions: Devon


Essex (11) 2-3 (13) Gwent

Gwent (11) 3-2 (9) Surrey

Surrey (13) 4-1 (8) Essex

Champion of Champions: Gwent



U18's - Drawsheet

Winner: Tavis Dudeney (Sussex)

Runner-up: Connor Hopkins (Gwent)

LSF's: Liam Butler (Glamorgan) & Ieuan Halsall (Gwent)

Girls - Drawsheet

Winner: Ella Williams (Berkshire)

Runner-up: Leah Nelson (Middlesex)

LSF's: Lynette Chaffe (Cornwall) & Megan Vodden (Gwent)

U21's - Drawsheet

Winner: Paul Reid (Kent)

Runner-up: Jake Carter (Surrey)

LSF's: Jack Brazil (Surrey) & Harry Jackson (Sussex)



U18's - Drawsheet

Winner: Dudeney/Perry (Sussex)

Runner-up: Self/Willoughby (Berkshire)

LSF's: Smoldon/Haymes (Glamorgan) & Hollyhock/Robbie (London)

Girls - Drawsheet

Winner: Chaffe/Hancock (Cornwall)

Runner-up: Turner/Cooke (Sussex)

LSF's: Milburn/Williams (Berkshire) & Nelson/Lehane (Middlesex)

U21's - Drawsheet

Winner: Peek/Stout (Devon)

Runner-up: Kelly/Gower (Essex)

LSF's: Kerry/Cradock (Oxfordshire) & Jackson/Levett (Sussex)


Mixed Triples - Drawsheet

Winner: Perry/Lovegrove/Levett (Sussex)

Runner-up: Hopkins/Bonner/McLeod (Gwent)

LSF's: Kerry/Walker/Cradock (Oxfordshire) & Stone/Cuthbert/Nelson (Middlesex)


The next AGM is due to take place on 27th July 2019. Will all County managers please confirm to Steph that they will be remaining in the league.

If there are any Counties wishing to join us for the 2019-2020 season they should contact our secretary. Contact details are available on our Contacts page.

The end of season finals were held on Saturday 7th July 2018 at the Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex.

Champion of Champions


Sussex (18) 6 - 1 (8) Glamorgan

Berkshire (8) 2 - 5 (15) Glamorgan

Berkshire (4) 1 - 6 (18) Sussex

Champion of Champions: Sussex


Essex (3) 0 - 2 (6) Bristol

Oxfordshire (5) 1 - 2 (6) Bristol

Oxfordshire (3) 1 - 2 (6) Essex

Champion of Champions: Bristol


Gwent (9) 2 - 3 (11) Sussex

Oxfordshire (8) 2 - 3 (9) Sussex

Oxfordshire (11) 3 - 2 (8) Gwent

Champion of Champions: Sussex



U18's - Drawsheet

Winner: Tyler Radlett (Surrey)

Runner-up: Lennon Cradock (Oxfordshire)

LSF's: Freddie Box (Kent) & Mitchell McCarthy (Bristol)

Girls - Drawsheet

Winner: Laura Phillips (Bristol)

Runner-up: Rhea Winsor (Devon)

LSF's: Rebecca Holt (London) & Shannon Reeves (Bristol)

U21's - Drawsheet

Winner: Josh McCarthy (Oxfordshire)

Runner-up: Chris Holt (Kent)

LSF's: Liam Meek (Gwent) & Kyle Macleod (Gwent)



U18's - Drawsheet

Winners: Lennon Cradock/Liam Gregor (Oxfordshire)

Runners-up: Owen Bates/Kieran Peek (Devon)

LSF's: Jamie Peetoom/Jakob Kelly (Essex) & Dan Perry/Jack Seymour (Sussex)

Girls - Drawsheet

Winners: Sam Bowen/Rhiannon Pritchard (Glamorgan)

Runners-up: Leanne Peetoom/Samantha Stock (Essex)

LSF's: Hannah Tomkins/Charley Horrix (Surrey) & Lynette Chaffe/Kirsty Milne (Cornwall)

U21's - Drawsheet

Winners: Joe Davis/Harry Jackson (Sussex)

Runners-up: Liam Meek/Jack Sargeant (Gwent)

LSF's: Harry Dunstan/Aaron Crocker (Cornwall) & Chris Gower/Liam Hill (Essex)


Mixed Triples - Drawsheet

Winners: Lennon Cradock/Rachael Pritchard/Josh McCarthy (Oxfordshire)

Runners-up: Dan Perry/Emma Wapshott/Connor Levett (Sussex)

LSF's: Owen Dunstan/Lynette Chaffe/Nico Spurr (Cornwall) & Jakob Kelly/Samantha Stock/Joe Russell (Essex)


Date:  Saturday 28th July 2018
Time:  12 O'Clock
Venue:  The Darwin Club, 6 Darwin Close, Reading. RG2 0SG
Please send any agenda items by Saturday 7th July.

We are delighted to announce that those of our players that achieved 100% playing records and are able to attend, are now confirmed entrants for the Winmau World Masters 2017. The BDO published updated Alphabetic Lists of Entrants (alpha lists) today that can be viewed using the links below. We have just 3 players that have indicated their inability to take up their place so will be represented by the remaining 12 qualifiers.


Winmau World Masters - Men - Alphabetic List of Entrants

Winmau World Masters  - Women - Alphabetic List of Entrants

Winmau World Masters - Boys - Alphabetic List of Entrants

Winmau World Masters - Girls - Alphabetic List of Entrants


Our qualifiers/entrants in each age/gender category follow:

Boys: Owen Bates * (Devon), Jimmy Bristow (Bristol), Alex Gurr (Sussex), Jakob Kelly (Essex), Dan Perry (Sussex), Tyler Radlett (Surrey), Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan) and Jack Vincent (Essex).

Ladies: Bonnii Bentley * (Hampshire), Nicolle Bidgway * (Buckinghamshire) and Becky King (Sussex).

Men: Joshua Burksfield (Middlesex), Cavan Phillips (Glamorgan).

* Indicates player unable to take up their place.

In addition to those above, the winners of the Southern Youth Singles Championships, held recently at Lakeside, also qualify. Becky King, Ladies Champion, is already qualified by virtue of her 100% playing record. Jack Seymour (Hampshire) and Jack Fuller (Kent) are the U18 and U21 Champions respectively and have gained qualification.

Our congratulations go to all our direct qualifiers and also to those Southern Youth players that qualified for a place in the Winmau through competing in various qualifying events and by representing their Country at International level. We are not in a position to name all of them but some have been brought to our attention, namely Laura Shepherd (Cornwall), Jessica Bonner (Glamorgan), Ellie Larsson-Brown (London, previously Essex), Dylan Everson (Glamorgan), Mitchell McCarthy (Wiltshire), Darren Whelton (Glamorgan) and Lewis Williams (Glamorgan). Our very best wishes go to all of our players travelling to compete at the Bridlington Spa. 

The Winmau World Championships are taking place at the Bridlington Spa from Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th September 2017. The floor stages are on Monday with the stage-finals starting on the Tuesday. Youth final is on Tuesday and Seniors final is Wednesday. See additional info, below, from the BDO.

Those players playing in the Winmau as Seniors also qualify for the Lakeside World Pro play-off and can be seen in the appropriate Alpha List.

For those that will be under 18 on Thursday 11th January 2018, the BDO World Youth Championship Play-off is on Thursday 28th January at the same venue.


Information from BDO

​Winmau 44th World Masters Darts Championships (World Finals) ​Men’s Masters + Women’s Masters + World Boys & Girls Masters At: ​ The Spa, South Marine Drive, Bridlington, England, YO15 3JH

On: ​Monday 25th September 2017 ​8.30 am ​​Doors Open for Registration; 10.00 am ​​Multi-Board System -Toe-the-Oche (Men’s + Women’s + Youth Boys/Girls)

And:​Tuesday 26th September 2017 10.00 am ​​Doors Open;​ ​11.00 am ​​Stage Matches – World Youth Boy’s/Girl’s Finals; 12.00 noon; ​​Men’s last 16

And: ​Wednesday 27th September 2017 10.00am​​ Doors Open; 11.00am​​ BDDA Final; 12.00 noon ​​Stage Women’s Semi-Final, Final & Men's Q/Final, Semi-Final, Final; 19.00hrs Approx​Conclude.

BDO Reserve the right to change the schedule.

This competition was played on Sunday 13th August at Lakeside. The drawsheets show the complete tournament.

U18 Drawsheet

U18 Semi-Finals

Adam Howard (Essex) 0-3 Tavis Dudeney (Sussex) - Scorecard

Jack Seymour (Hampshire) 3-0 Dan Perry (Sussex) - Scorecard

U18 Final

Tavis Dudeney (Sussex) 1-3 Jack Seymour (Hampshire) - Scorecard

Girls Drawsheet

Girls Semi-Finals

Millie Hooper (Bristol) 3-2 Lynette Chaffe (Cornwall) - Scorecard

Shannon Reeves (Bristol) 2-3 Becky King (Sussex) - Scorecard

Girls Final

Millie Hooper (Bristol) 0-3 Becky King (Sussex) - Scorecard

U21 Drawsheet

U21 Semi-Finals

Daniel Kirton (Oxfordshire) 0-3 Christopher Holt (London) - Scorecard

Will Blackwell (London) 0-3 Jack Fuller (Kent) - Scorecard

U21 Final

Christopher Holt (London) 2-3 Jack Fuller (Kent) - Scorecard


U18 - Jack Seymour (Hampshire)

Girls - Becky King (Sussex)

U21 - Jack Fuller (Kent)

The Pairs finals were played off between each team qualifying from the 4 regional play-offs held earlier in the season.


U18 Drawsheet

U18 Semi-Finals

Jack Vincent/Jakob Kelly (Essex) 2-3 Taylor Smoldon/Lewis Williams (Glamorgan) - Scorecard

Buster Turner/Jack Seymour (Hampshire) 3-1 Luke Durham/Owen Tapp (Bristol) - Scorecard

U18 Final

Taylor Smoldon/Lewis Williams (Glamorgan) 1-3 Buster Turner/Jack Seymour (Hampshire) - Scorecard


Girls Drawsheet

Girls Semi-Finals

Lynette Chaffe/Joe-Ann Symons (Cornwall) 3-1 Bethan Rowlands/Rhiannon Pritchard (Glamorgan) - Scorecard

Lauren Bloomfield/Rosie Gaffney (London) [unavailable] v Becky King/PJ Langridge (Sussex)

Girls Final

Lynette Chaffe/Joe-Ann Symons (Cornwall) 1-3 Becky King/PJ Langridge (Sussex) - Scorecard


U21 Drawsheet

U21 Semi-Finals

Jack Fuller/Paul Reid (Kent) 3-1 Dean Coughlan/Christopher Holt (London) - Scorecard

Kieran Grimmitt/Josh Allen (Bristol) 0-3 Daniel Kirton/Andy Jones (Oxfordshire) - Scorecard

U21 Final

Jack Fuller/Paul Reid (Kent) 3-0 Daniel Kirton/Andy Jones (Oxfordshire) - Scorecard



U18 - Buster Turner/Jack Seymour (Hampshire)

Girls - Becky King/PJ Langridge (Sussex)

U21 - Jack Fuller/Paul Reid (Kent)

The Mixed Triples finals were played off between each team qualifying from the 4 regional play-offs held earlier in the season.


Mixed Triples Drawsheet


Jack Vincent/Samantha Stock/Chris Gower (Essex) 3-2 Joshus Burksfield/Rachel Moore/Owen Cuthbert (Middlesex) - Scorecard

Cavan Phillips/Sam Bowen/Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan) 3-2 Josh McCarthy/Lauren Iles/Mitchell McCarthy (Wiltshire) - Scorecard


Jack Vincent/Samantha Stock/Chris Gower (Essex) 0-3 Cavan Phillips/Sam Bowen/Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan) - Scorecard

Champions - Cavan Phillips/Sam Bowen/Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan)

The Champions of Champions was played at Lakeside, yesterday, the first of many competitions played-out on a very busy day. In this competition the Champions from each of the 3 Sections play off against each other to determine the overall Champion of Champions.


Under 18

Sussex 3-4 Essex

Essex 3-4 Bristol

Bristol 2-5 Sussex

Champion of Champions - Sussex



Hampshire 0-3 Buckinghamshire

Bristol 3-0 Buckinghamshire

Hampshire 0-3 Bristol

Champion of Champions - Bristol


Under 21

Glamorgan 3-2 Sussex

Essex 1-4 Sussex

Glamorgan 2-3 Essex

Champion of Champions - Sussex

The winners of each play-off listed below will now go forward to play at Lakeside on Sunday 13th August 2017.

Bristol Area Play Off

Triples - Winners: Josh McCarthy, Lauren Iles & Mitchell McCarthy (Wiltshire)

U18 Pairs - Winners: Luke Durham and Owen Tapp (Bristol)

Girls Pairs - Winners: Lynette Chaffe and Joe-Anne Symons (Cornwall)

U21 Pairs - Winners: Kieran Grimmitt and Josh Allen (Bristol)

Essex Area Play-off

Triples - Winners: Jack Vincent, Samantha Stock and Chris Gower (Essex); Drawsheet

U18 Pairs - Winners: Jack Vincent and Jakob Kelly (Essex); Drawsheet

Girls Pairs - Winners: Becky King and PJ Langridge (Sussex); Drawsheet

U21 Pairs - Winners: Jack Fuller and Paul Reid (Kent); Drawsheet

Hampshire Area Play Off

Triples - Winners: Joshua Burksfield, Rachel Moore and Owen Cuthbert (Middlesex)

U18 Pairs - Winners: Buster Turner and Jack Seymour (Hampshire)

Girls Pairs - Winners: Lauren Bloomfield and Rosie Gaffney (London)

U21 Pairs - Winners: Dean Coughlan and Christopher Holt (London)

Oxfordshire Area Play Off

Triples - Winners: Cavan Phillips, Sam Bowen & Taylor Smoldon (Glamorgan)

U18 Pairs - Winners: Taylor Smoldon and Lewis Williams (Glamorgan)

Girls Pairs - Winners: Bethan Rowlands and Rhiannon Pritchard (Glamorgan)

U21 Pairs - Winners: Daniel Kirton and Andy Jones (Oxfordshire)

Please be advised that, due to exceptional circumstances, West Midlands are regrettably unable to fulfil their outstanding fixtures in the Southern Youth Darts Division 3.  West Midlands have now decided after much deliberation to withdraw from the League. We appreciate that this hasn't been an easy decision for them to come to and we wish the players and officials all the best and hope that they will be in a position to one day re-join us.

We will, as per the rules, withdraw all points for all West Midlands games (please see Page 12 of the rules available on the website).

Revised tables are being compiled as we speak for Division 3 and will be released today.

This will not affect players who may be looking at winning 100% of their games as this will take this back to it being 8 out of 8.

The North v South competition will take place on Sunday 11th June 2017 at the Staffordshire venue, The White Eagle Club, Riverway, Stafford ST16 3TH.

Register by 11:00 a.m. for a 12 noon start.

Would all Counties please check that their players are listed correctly in the Averages. I was recently made aware of 2 players that had multiple entries and to the best of my knowledge, these have been corrected.

Errors should be notified to me at the email address provided to you.

David Ballantine